Healing the Heart Group Retreat

Most retreats are designed to have you relax, learn a few things and you come back feeling good for a time, but it never seems to stick. The Healing your Heart Experience is created and facilitated to give you the unique emotional intelligence tools to help you function at your Highest Self. In this retreat, I have created unique transformational processes that are far beyond note taking, information gathering, and theory. The Healing your Heart retreat is about full participation, authentic transformation and radical results.


Until you are able to sit still in silence, peace of mind and body will elude you. Practiced for thousands of years, it’s not about forcing the mind to be quiet, it’s finding the silence that’s already there and integrating it into your life.

  • Do you want to learn to quickly calm your body and clear your mind?

  • Do you seek restful sleep?

  • Do you desire enhanced health and enriched relationships?

  • Are you new to meditation or wish to further your meditative practice?

Private Retreat

This personalized individual retreat is completely geared toward your potential and unique path of spiritual self-realization. 

Leave the chaos of daily life behind and slip into the tranquil, restorative space of the Land of Enchantment. This program is not designed as a vacation or a chance to get away. This is a purposeful week of uncovering and deep healing. What you learn here are tools that have been used for thousands of years, techniques that empower you to be your own healer. You will detoxify through the high altitude, the land, teachings, and sacred ceremony.

Breakthrough One on One Session

Ready to breakthrough your emotional barriers? Want to feel great, passionate and free from negative feelings? This is the session for you. If you feel frustrated, disappointed, angry at where you are presently in your life then you will benefit from the gift of a one on one breakthrough session. I am committed to giving you …
Clear authentic and direct feedback
Non-judgmental acceptance
A loving “nudge” when you need it
Deep and powerful internal emotional healing processes
Powerful, stimulating questions
Safe space to explore your beliefs and behaviors
Support for 28 days (via unlimited email)


Breakthrough Call Testimonial:

I am writing to share with you how amazing life changing the breakthrough call process, with Jana Fleming, has been for me.

I had sought therapy with traditional psychiatrists for years, but continued to suffer from anxiety, depression and a multitude of physical illnesses. When faced with my last emergency surgery, I decided to seek out less traditional forms of healing. I climbed deep into the Rocky Mountains and even contacted a Siberian born Shaman to help me “fix” my ongoing poor health. These attempts seemed partially helpful, at first, but their results never “stuck” when I attempted to apply them as I re-engaged in my real life challenges.

As my energy continued to diminish and my fatigue increased, it took a toll on my spirit. I could not longer find my purpose or any level of true happiness.

I am so grateful, that at this time, I met Jana. Her process is truly life transformational because you finally realize that the power for the fulfillment you were seeking is inside of YOU.

Jana takes you through a journey in which you become aware of your ability to love yourself and find vitality in life. She gently and effectively helps you to face your own truth which is the source or our ultimate vitality, life force and purpose in this life.

And, for me, the most helpful part of this process is the ongoing journey of support that Jana guides you through for the next many days, while you learn to process this new information and transform it into realized action as you re-engage this wisdom in your everyday real life.

Her feedback is always timely and on point. After you complete the initial written assessment and experience the BreakThrough Call, Jana understands you at a very personal level and is able to help you target your self-harming behaviors specific to your own life.

While I continue on my journey of self healing, I know, without a doubt, that I would not be feeling the deep level of healing and transformation that I continue to feel without the use of the modality that Jana offers.

I will be forever grateful that she has become an integral part of my path and my life’s mission.
— Lori R., Florida

Need more information? Allow me to answer any questions you may have in a complimentary Emotional Healing Assessment call.

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