Transform your stress into bliss with a weekend yoga + meditation beach-side retreat.


Yoga + Meditation - Weekend Retreat

How does a weekend of deep relaxation, yoga, dipping into eternal stillness, inspiring conversation with like minded people, sitting on the beach warmed by a bonfire under a starlit sky? 

Let’s face facts, our world is accelerating with more and more disconnection and dis-ease. Taking time out to recharge and rejuvenate is not a luxury but rather a necessity! Times have changed dramatically and I’m betting you can agree that the world is moving a lot faster than it ever has and our lives are becoming more and more of a blur.

What happens when you can’t find your grounding in life?

What happens when your relationships, your finances and your health aren’t firmly grounded in a deep healthy sense of self?

You become less and less sure of yourself and emotionally you feel less and less in touch.

This retreat will empower you to attain a high quality of life and to handle stress artfully.

We create safe space for you to be authentically open and receptive. You will learn the simple processes of:

  • How to listen to your inner wisdom and tap into the creative well spring within so you can expand your vision.

  • Begin a meditation practice or strengthen your present practice.

  • Connecting with your body in a loving and spiritual way through gentle restorative yoga and energy tuning.

  • This weekend retreatis an invitation to connect to the essential nature of who you are …

A Spiritual Being Having A Human Experience

You will leave this weekend feeling more freedom, joy, peace and excitement for the POSSIBILITIES IN YOUR LIFE!

What to Expect

Length:  Weekend //  3 days - Friday 3:00 pm - Sunday 3:00 pm
Location: TBA


  • All course materials (workbook etc)

  • Two Yoga classes to choose daily

  • Instruction in Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Flow (beginners welcome)

  • Pranayama breathing exercises and energy work.

  • The Seven Higher States of Consciousness

  • A complete course in Primordial Sound Meditation (Mantra based on birthdate/time/location from the Chopra Center - Normal price alone is $375)

  • An introduction to Sanskrit Mantras & Chanting

  • The Chakra Energy System and how to fit the practical application of it into your life.

  • Connecting with nature and Mother Earth.

  • Native American Releasing Ceremony & bonfire on beach. (Local Ordinance permitting)

Does not include:

  • Lodging (Special group rate click Book Your Room for rates)

  • Meals (On site restaurant, nearby grocery and other restaurants)

  • Add’l fee $30 if you want your PSM mantra


In a nurturing and inspiring environment, you will gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual path and personal practice, learning powerful techniques and yogic wisdom that you will be able to integrate into your daily life on and off the mat.

Who can benefit from the Weekend Within Retreat?

This retreat is open to practitioners of all levels, including those who are just beginning an exploration into their spiritual practice using the tools of yoga and meditation and those looking to take their practice to the next level. Participants who are wanting to gain clarity about where they want to go in their lives – you will leave this retreat with a ‘road map’ of what you want to achieve and manifest in the next year of your life.

It is a profound experience that offers a lifetime of healing benefits to anyone seeking spiritual awakening, emotional well being, and greater physical health and vitality.

You will have time for private contemplation and the opportunity to share heartfelt discussions, group meditations, and special activities with those in your group.

I have experienced the most liberating, peaceful and happy place I’ve ever experienced in my life this weekend and I have fully surrendered my being to God/Universe. The best part of it is that, this time, it won’t go away. I have found peace and freed myself from my own chains in life and I’m no longer my own prisoner in darkness.
— Veronica Bustos, Florida
I have attended many retreats and workshops in my life, and Jana’s “Healing the Heart Emotional Healing” retreat was, hands down, the best I’ve ever participated in! She is the “real deal”….no fluff, no ulterior motives, a totally honest, genuine, down-to-Earth person who loves what she does and shares from the heart. Her knowledge and insights are remarkable. Meeting and working with her has been a blessing in my life.
— George Xouris, North Carolina

My experience with Emotional Healing Retreats was truly life changing! Putting myself first has been a life long battle. I’m quick to help others, but often put myself last and my self esteem and feelings of love for myself and others has suffered. Rebuilding my life after an emotionally abusive divorce has been extremely challenging.

After 2days with Taylor and Jana, I was able to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually process things and take critical steps towards the next phase of my life.

Taylor is a truly gifted yoga teacher. She offers support and motivation both physically and spiritually. I left her classes feeling strong, confident and clear. Taylor’s energy translates into a positive and peaceful experience that subscribes to the true philosophy of yoga. Her instruction was clear, her touch was excellent and my perception was that even the “newbies” to yoga felt positive and motivated to continue a practice.

Jana offered a strong support system and motherly guidance that was much needed. The love and joy that Jana has for this planet can be felt throughout her sessions. She is a teacher and a guide empowering people to tap into their own power and emotions to make positive change in their life. Knowing that we all have the gifts to change our lives through reflection, meditation and manifestation is the key to a joyful and loving existence.
— Rosalie Brett, New Jersey

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I am passionate about teaching students to fully inhabit their body and honor it in the present moment. Often times, that means opening to the full spectrum of pain and bliss. When you start to cultivate a relationship with yourself on your yoga mat you feel into your body...the physical, mental, and emotional sheaths to help you understand your true essence just a little more. 

I've committed my life to share with others how to live Yoga embodied; taking your practice off the mat and connecting with your truth. This for me is the greatest gift of yoga. It is the union of how you identify yourself(ego), and who you actually are, a Soul manifesting in human form. 

“Life is amazing. And then it's awful. And then it's amazing again. And in between the amazing and awful it's ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That's just living heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it's breathtakingly beautiful.” ~ L.R. Knost

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The physical practice of yoga connected me to my body and emotions unlike any of physical practice. I fell in love with asana when I was in my early 30’s and had practiced over fifteen years when I decided to attend yoga teacher training with international renowned yoga teacher Saul David Raye. Practicing primarily Hatha yoga and Vinyasa styles, I also fell in love with Bhakti yoga. The yoga of devotion to the Divine. This Weekend Within retreat is for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Meditation came into my life after experiencing a severe panic attack on a freeway in Southern California. I had experience with meditation prior to that event, but I never would be consistent in a daily practice until I trained to be a teacher. I received my Primordial Sound mantra based on my birth and something inside me stirred and I knew immediately that I had a tether to stability when the storms of life came pounding at my door.