Apathy the Killer of All Dreams


I haven’t had much inspiration lately. Everything just feels Blah. 

Let me define Blah. Blah is when I can’t really complain about anything but don’t have much energy or enthusiasm for anything. Blah is when I’m lacking passion and everything is beige. Nothing wrong with the color but between you and me, beige is just not exciting.

Am I feeling blah because I have been trying to fulfill all these tasks that I have set myself up to finish before the end of the year? Launch a training program,  create a life changing e-course, record a new meditation cd, even writing this blog for god sake!

The more I attempt to find a way out of this apathy and blah-ness the more it just hangs around. Surrendering to any uncomfortable feeling is frightening, my mind says, “hey don’t do it, or you will really lose your edge.” I wish there was a pill for blah; one that I could walk into a drugstore and tell the pharmacist that I had blah and then wait while he put little white pills into an orange or blue jar.

This whole blah dissertation makes me think of Buddhist philosophy which if taken at face value promotes the idea of not attaching yourself to either the highs or lows in life, this way you don’t suffer so much. So I guess I will just give myself permission to lean into the discomfort of blah and maybe just maybe letting go of the judgment of blah, I will find grace to move forward.

The more I think about it, blah is probably the result of not enough stimulus. We live in a world that everything runs fast and we are bombarded by information and requests. Our systems are on the go and sometimes when we slow down we go into withdrawal. If you don’t understand the concept, ask any junkie. So I’m going to breathe deeply and slow down even more, and I’m going to connect with the root that keeps me grounded in this planet – my body – and I’m going to observe and appreciate what surrounds me, and I’m going to dive into myself and I am certain blah will be just a thing of the past.

Remember that the slower and more simpler life becomes, the more the ego rages against it. I will leave you with a few simple mantras from the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.


  • Present moment, wonderful moment.


  • I’ve arrived, I’m home

This moment is all there is, if this moment it all feels blah, well then this moment must be revealing something deeper is wanting to emerge within you. So just trust that when you are ready you will give birth to a new level of inspiration.

Om Shanti (Peace be with you)