Belief Creates Reality

Yep it’s true,  your beliefs are causing your unhappiness not your spouse, your boss, the government, or your bank account!

Did you know that you are only able to see and experience in your life what you believe is possible?

Yep, it’s actually your beliefs that are holding you hostage and keeping you living half a life. If you believe you aren’t good enough, lovable enough, smart enough, rich enough, worthy enough then you will never ever experience all you desire.

We adopt these beliefs when we are very young and very impressionable. Often we aren’t even slightly aware that we are holding onto beliefs that are self sabotaging. We get so triggered when someone treats us badly and we make it mean we aren’t important and we lash out at them. We think if only I could make them treat me well then I would be ok. The fact is you must learn to treat yourself well within, then outer world will reflect it back to you. We teach people how to treat us.

I spent all my formative years trying to combat limiting beliefs I wasn’t conscious of, thoughts that permeated my mind were, “If only I were smarter, then I would be successful.” “If only I were richer, then people would accept me.” “If only they would change, then I would be happy.”

This type of thinking only perpetuates the viscous cycle of self abuse. Our bodies store all memory in the cells. it’s called cellular memory. According to Candice Pert, a scientist and pharmacologist, emotions are not the product of your brain, but are expressed, experienced and stored in your BodyMind, and these emotions can be triggered reactively through people, internal dialogue, and negative experiences. Periodically, its imperative to do deeper healing work to dislodge the stored toxicity in the body through practices such as body work, meditations, breathing, spiritual practice and many other diverse psychosomatic modalities. Join me next month in Southern California to engage in some deep healing work. (see below)

If left unhealed the toxic emotions fester into disease. Most chronic disease has its basis in supressed emotion. We all have painful memories – failure, disappointments, suffering, loss – hidden away or suppressed – in our BodyMinds, to be retrieved, refomed, and released, or ignored and left to fester, wounds that never heal. What John Upledger called a “somato-emotional cyst”.  A primitive body defense response in which the injury, and the emotions therein encoded, are walled off from the rest of the body, and never truly resolve.By simply acknowledging our emotions, they are expressed. In being expressed, emotions can be released, even old emotions stored in body memory.  Allowing emotions to surface into awareness and to be able to name my emotions is the beginning of emotional exploration. You can’t heal what you won’t feel.

With Love,