See what people are saying about their retreat experience:

I had reached a point in my life where I felt “stuck” with my emotions, spiritual connection, relationships, and future direction. Although, I have had therapy in the past, given it’s traditional sense, I was definitely in search of a serious intensive shift to include Spirit that would wake me up.
After reviewing Jana’s web page and speaking with her over the phone, I knew I needed to do the VIP private 1:1 retreat. I remember the excitement in telling myself I deserved this gift!
Through her, I learned I have all the answers inside. There is no where externally to go other than inside. Simple as that! Jana gave me the tools and direction to love myself. Now, I’m able to identify and work through my emotions, draw boundaries in relationships, connect with Spirit, and have a clearer future direction.
Jana stayed connected with me after the retreat and sent me a wealth of resources helping me stay connected to myself from local community organizations, books, music, websites, and documentaries.
In fact, I’m looking forward to attending her annual Florida retreat. The work never ends and I am committed to this path for life!
— Duska, Vero Beach, Florida
I just have to say when I went to this retreat I had no expectations. I knew my body, heart & soul were wounded. This by far had given me a greater gift. The person I deserve & want to be. I no longer live in fear & I know I deserve anything & everything I want. If you are broken, sad, tired of what your life is about. Change it, write yourself a new story and start with one of Jana’s retreats.
— Lindsey Schwartz, Seattle, Washington
My Dearest Jana, thanks again for all that you do. When I first met you on that memorable weekend, I was in a deep, dark, sad place in my life and when I left I felt transformed. You opened my eyes, my heart, and my being to all of the amazing possibilities of life. I truly believe I was meant to connect with you in the way that I did, and I will NEVER forget how you helped me to see my true potential. I have a new found love for myself and I look forward to growing that love each day. I thank God for making you and for putting you on my path in life.
“When you come upon a path that brings benefit and happiness to all, follow this course as the moon journeys through the stars” – Buddha.
— Beth Johnson, New York
I have attended many retreats and workshops in my life, and Jana’s “Healing the Heart Emotional Healing” retreat was, hands down, the best I’ve ever participated in! She is the “real deal”….no fluff, no ulterior motives, a totally honest, genuine, down-to-Earth person who loves what she does and shares from the heart. Her knowledge and insights are remarkable. Meeting and working with her has been a blessing in my life.
— George Xouris, North Carolina
It was an honor working with you and teaching yoga at the Carlsbad, CA Emotional Healing Intensive. As a participant and yoga teacher I had the honor of seeing both sides of the event. I saw 19 beautiful souls begin our weekend journey from a space of fear and end our journey from a space of love and self-empowerment. There was such a clear transformation on the face of every single participant, me included. There are not words enough to express the gratitude I have towards Jana for sharing her gifts so graciously, during and after the retreat. I look forward to working with and supporting Jana in future endeavors. Sincerely,
— Charlotte Van Noordt (Certified Chopra Instructor)
Before I attended the ‘Healing the Heart’ retreat, I had what I would consider for me, an emotional breakdown. Besides having struggled with work and my house, one of my coworkers who I used to support, said something to me that hurt me to my core. My immediate reaction was to quit and run. I knew when I found your retreat that is was perfect for where I was in my life. Luckily, there was still space both in the retreat, at the hotel and dog boarding! The universe has been sending me signs and help along the way and I had no idea.
Thank you for your guidance, process and patience. I have never had the type of revelations that I have had since this weekend. I knew all this was inside of me, but I did not know how to harness it. Just the change in thought processes and even repeating my new core beliefs has changed my outlook drastically. I have also been asking myself daily, what would a strong, confident person do? How does little Susie feel?
Finally, I have been intentionally focusing on what I see, as a reflection of me in others and the world. That in itself reveals so much information that prior to this past weekend, I have been blind to. I am really hopeful for this journey and wanted to thank you so much for your program and all your support.
— Susie Marshall, San Diego, CA
Before I spent a week with Jana in the VIP private retreat I felt alone. I had a persistent ache within me and a feeling of failure with consuming discouraging thoughts. With my lack of understanding of my emotions and what they were communicating I found myself constantly looking outside of myself for relief (pills, alcohol, affairs). The most valuable thing I learned was that what I was constantly looking for was within me. I was looking in all directions and feeling lost wherein I just needed to re-direct and refocus my thoughts and learn how to connect with the little boy within me. After spending a week with Jana, I feel confident that I have the tools to move forward in a much more constructive and healthy manner. I’ve accepted more of myself and my past and I am committed to using the Emotional Intelligence tools she taught me to continue finding a better version of myself. I’m so thankful for my time with Jana. Her devotion to helping is her gift. I consider her one of the most amazing people I have ever met, she is truly special.
— Todd, Pennsylvania
March 13-15 was a life changing weekend. The opportunity to free myself of my pain and learn to forgive, as well as learning from Jana. My sweet beagle passed away in December and the loss of her triggered so many emotions that I fell into a deep depression. I found Jana on the internet and I am so thankful that I had the courage to go to The Emotional Freedom Experience in Carlsbad, San Diego. This experience has changed my life forever…I cannot stop talking about it! I look forward to my transformation and falling in love with ME.
— Colleen Aguirre, Southern California
Before attending the Emotional Healing retreat I was in so much pain. I was depressed, suffering from panic attacks and feeling like the whole world was against me. What I learned was that I am in total control of how I feel, therefore I can change! It’s not the world that was against me, it was ME against me. With Jana’s guidance, I learned the tools to change my thought process, which helps me create a better outcome for troubling situations and become more positive and happy! I learned how to go “within” and get in touch with ME. Jana’s passion and knowledge for what she teaches is inspirational and makes you really want to dig in and learn everything you can from her so that you can repave your path in life. Even after the retreat was over, we were not left to fend for ourselves. Jana is dedicated to helping us continue our practice and offering support at every turn. I am so grateful for her insight and expertise and I now see life in a whole new way. I’m taking care of myself internally and externally and for the first time in a long time, I’m excited about what’s to come. Thank you, Jana!!
— Lisa Knight, San Diego, California
Hi Jana,
I hope this email finds you well.
THANK YOU FOR OUR WEEKEND. I really walked away from it reborn (literally during the breath work, I had very vivid visuals of being reborn). Whoa! Getting to know me again has been a fantastic process! My creativity is off the charts - I had no idea that that my emotional muck was significantly stunting my creativity. My little girl is screaming for me to acknowledge her feelings. I’m happy to report that this week, I’ve been creating things that I haven’t done in years. What a breakthrough!! I am really grateful for the path that you have set. I’m ready to take it on. 😊
— Karen, Arizona
What can I say about Jana and her retreats? It was a chance meeting; I had just read Eat, Pray, Love and I was looking for something more in my life. And I came across Jana retreat in Santa Barbara CA on the internet. I had never been to a ‘retreat’ so I contacted Jana and I liked her instantly. Her warmness and compassion can be felt through the phone. I knew that life had placed this opportunity in front me but I could barely make ends meet….I was so far into credit card debt I knew I could never really afford it. But Jana helped me, she knew that I needed to be there and she showed me a love from a stranger that I never seen before. She changed my life and I am a better woman bc of her. I no longer struggle to pay my bills I live in affluence and it all started with Jana showing me what was possible. I now work as an actress and I attend Jana retreats whenever possible bc she is still helping me grow. I cant say thank you enough to Jana Fleming for helping me change my life:)
— Gaby Eubanks, Los Angeles, California
Hi Jana, I feel so taken care of by you, your emails of support and the tools you have given go beyond any retreat I’ve ever attended. You’re right, the high does evaporate quickly unless one continues to do the work and your messages are such a gentle and loving reminder. I so enjoyed the retreat. Although I’ve done much of the work and continue to do it with my therapist there was healing that took place for me. As I told you on Sunday, you’re very good at what you do and you do it with compassion, honesty and humor. I feel blessed to have had this experience and hopefully, we’ll meet again. Warmly,
— Sandy Hull, San Francisco, CA
What an extraordinary and life-affirming experience! The Private VIP Retreat incorporated meditation, equine therapy, ancient Ayurvedic treatment, inner child work, forgiveness processes, shadow work, hypnotherapy, restorative yoga therapy, and a Native American releasing ceremony all in a way that uniquely met my emotional needs. I am finally able to feel whole, and able to love, accept and cherish myself. This experience was transformative and miraculous! Thank you, Jana, for your authenticity, loving spirit, and peaceful presence throughout the healing journey.
— Kelly B. Cincinnati, Ohio
Jana, you are a beautiful, breathtaking bright light in this world and the world is a better place because you are in it. Before attending the Private Healing Retreat in Santa Fe, I was in the darkest place of my life. I had lost myself in the chaos and mud of an extreme emotional breakdown. I was depressed, broken, and felt as if I would never come back to myself, in fact I was lost in the nothingness of what I believed I was. With no expectation of what my experience would be, you not only gave me the emotional tools that I was lacking, but supported me with total compassion and astounding wisdom. You helped me accept and open myself up to all of who I am and love every part of me. I am whole again! There is no other way to describe it. I have transformed and truly love myself! I am beyond happy and healed, an incredible feeling and I am so grateful to you, Jana. Your compassion and knowledge are amazing and extraordinary and I appreciate everything that Jana has shown and done for me. I experienced such profound personal insight and growth during my time with Jana, that I am now the a loving and healthy adult, ready to consciously be in the world again. I am already thankful for all that I have and will accomplish in my personal and professional paths. This life changing retreat was just the beginning of my journey and with excitement I move forward. Jana you are a wondrous soul and one of the most inspiring people that I have had the honor to meet and I cannot thank her enough for all that she does.
— Veronica Guillen, San Francisco Bay Area
AMAZING RETREAT, last weekend. This is the most life changing event that you can attend! I had so much negative emotions in me after the suicide of my father. After the retreat I feel like I have returned to the self that I knew. Thank you Jana Fleming, you are an amazing teacher who is changing lives… you have changed mine!
— Toni Scafidi, Ten Thousand Oaks, California
Words can not express my gratitude! Thank you for having this retreat. I feel so blessed to have met you and EVERYONE this weekend. I woke up today and started with meditation to your voice. My new journey will include daily mediation and a visualization board or two or three =). I started writing in my journal the moment I got to the train station on Friday morning before the retreat even began. This was truly the most amazing experience of my life. I’ve never been so loved and accepted by so many people that I didn’t even know; come to think of it, not even my own family has accepted me so unconditionally. Thank you for introducing me to so many beautiful and inspirational women. Thank you for sharing your unbelievable story with us so openly. Thank you for everything. I really would love to help you as a facilitator at future retreats if you need my help. Please stay in touch. I’ve already told so many other friends about this and I’m sure they will join us next time. Love You!!
— Wida Karin, Orange County, California
Jana, the positive impact that this private retreat has made on my life is priceless. In just a few days I was already feeling happier than I have ever felt! The unique combination of reiki healing sessions, the Ayurvedic treatments and most importantly all the processes that you lead me through has completely changed the way I see the world. I finally feel confident that when the storms of life come I have the tools to make it through with grace. Thank you so much, you are an excellent coach, teacher and mother.”
— Corrie, Dallas, TX
As I start my journey north, I feel full of love for myself and the wonderful women whom I shared the Healing the Heart experience with. You and Lance championed me and coached me, and my life will never be the same and little Barbara is already coming out. My deepest gratitude for helping me see ‘Anything is possible, indeed.
— Barbara, Alaska
I’ve already started meditating daily and am focused on self love. Things got a little tougher for me since my return. In addition to my mother’s condition, I just found out that my father isn’t well (we’re still waiting for a diagnosis following his brain MRI). I know I have the tools now to manage my emotions no matter what comes my way. I want to thank you again for all that you shared this weekend. The journey you lead me through has been incredibly helpful, especially since I finally connected to my inner child and feel at peace with the abuse I suffered during childhood. I now have clarity on my vision and the qualities that will take me there: faith and self acceptance.
Thank you for helping me focus on the gifts along my path. I am full of gratitude.
— Maggie, San Francisco, CA